We cooperate with high-tech industries to provide small parts and solutions. Founded in 2002, Vimic has earned our quality reputation from years of providing effective and durable Needle, Capillary Tube, Dispensing Nozzle, Stamping Pin to our customers. Our products have always been known for quality, reliability and solid performance, making becomes the most specific brand in the Specialty Needle business.

Nozzle Cleaning Machine Manufacturer

Our company is a reputed Small Tool manufacturer in Electronic Supplies. We guarantee our Micro Needle products, such as Push-Up Needle, Probe Needles and Micro parts, all with superior quality. Hence, the Nozzle Cleaning Machine is one of our best selling products, featuring its quality and competitive price.
Nozzle Cleaning Machine

Nozzle Cleaning Machine

Our company provides Cleaning Machine with excellent quality and competitive prive.
Easy to clean dispensing nozzle.

hing pressure water flow
easy to work
Custom tip designs
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