We cooperate with high-tech industries to provide small parts and solutions. Founded in 2002, Vimic has earned our quality reputation from years of providing effective and durable Needle, Capillary Tube, Dispensing Nozzle, Stamping Pin to our customers. Our products have always been known for quality, reliability and solid performance, making becomes the most specific brand in the Specialty Needle business.

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Vimic has been a leading special needle manufacturer to both independent and national training organizations since 2002. In addition, we focus on innovations to help the users create masterpieces easier and with more precision.
Our company offers excellent push up needle, ejection needle, dispensing needle, ensuring high quality and professional performance. We have devoted ourselves to serve the clients with our durability, fair price and strong efficiency of special needle. For more details of how to get in touch with our sales coordinator, please go to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

VIMIC is one of the leading company in LED, LCD, IC and biomedical manufacturers industries with its high quality and competitive price. We provide Needle, Capillary Tube, Dispensing Nozzle, Fluid Dispensing Tool, Epoxy Dispensing Tool, Stamping Pin, Pick up Tool, Micro Tube and Metal Tube. We constantly improve our techniques and upgrade technology to provide the best product to our customers.

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As a special needle manufacturer, we have an expert team of engineers both in Taiwan and overseas and a world-class supply chain ensuring prompt delivery of quality products. Our push up needle is of supreme quality and are much appreciated by the customers' for their high-tech designs, user-friendliness and operational efficiency.
For over 19 years, we've offered the trusted ejection needle, dispensing needle to fit our customers requirement. Let us assist with your requirement and question of special needle. We welcome the feedback of all our customers regarding service, selection, pricing or anything that can help us serve you better.